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September 11, 2004

Where Have I Been?

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Just a quick update for those two or three of you who have been missing new content: in a nutshell, I got a new job which starts Monday, and I’ve been spending the last week or so getting ready for it.

This has meant cleaning and reorganizing around the house, looking for a new car (more travel in the new job) and buying some new clothes (the old suits were getting kind of ratty).

On Thursday I did buy a passel of new comics, as usual, including an inordinate amount of reprints (Fantastic Four Masterworks, Essential Super-Villain Team-Up, the second Perez Wonder Woman paperback, and the third Byrne/Wolfman/Ordway Superman trade). Life rolls on, and I’m back in the thick of it.

Still, I like doing this, and I think some of you like it too. Who knows if I’ll have more or less time to devote to it, but I’ll try not to get too far behind. Thanks for all the encouragement, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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