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September 21, 2004

Enjoy This Linky Goodness

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By way of Shane, here are pictures of next summer’s Fantastic Four in costume; and a really fascinating Newsarama interview with Greg Rucka about his plans for Superman.

The FF costumes look OK to me. Johnny doesn’t look very blond. The suits themselves appear more inspired by the Jim Lee “Heroes Reborn” outfits than by the classic or “Ultimate” looks.

I’m hoping Star Wars DVDs will be in my mailbox by this afternoon, so expect a post on them in the near future.

UPDATE (via Postmodern Barney): As far as John Byrne goes, I don’t think Alba/Sue looks like a hooker. But that’s just me.

UPDATED UPDATE: It was Fanboy Rampage!, not Postmodern Barney. Shows you what happens when I go off my meds. Profuse apologies to everyone.

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