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September 22, 2004

Geek Convergence Tonight!

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Too many nerdy things happening today:

1. Those pesky Star Wars DVDs should arrive. You’d think that shipping them from the Amazon warehouse located about 2 miles from my house wouldn’t require them to go through Cincinnati, but you’d be wrong.

2. The Phlox figure I also ordered (cheap!) from Amazon should also arrive. It’s coming from Campbellsville, Kentucky, about an hour south of here, but it’s coming straight up via UPS, so no Cincinnati stopovers. (While not that yooge [tm Television Without Pity] an event on its own, I wanted to contrast the delivery situation with the DVDs’.)

3. “Lost” premieres. I’ll be taping it at the request of the Best Wife Ever, who has a late meeting. Since I got to see the last 20 minutes or so in San Diego, while it tapes I will revisit…

4. “Smallville,” which also premieres tonight. When the show first aired, we didn’t have a dedicated WB station, so it was on irregularly around 10:00 p.m. Friday nights. Therefore, I got in the habit of watching “Enterprise” and “West Wing,” and never looked back. If “Smallville” doesn’t thrill me, there’s always…

5. New Comics Day, with the two Morrison/Case Doom Patrol trades as the probable highlight.

So there you go. Whoever thought leisure could get so complicated?

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