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October 20, 2004


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Here’s the thing about Previews: each month I go through the thing and put the lucky issues into a spreadsheet so I can track my purchases. Thus, a new Previews just means “data entry” to me, not “smartmouth blogging.”

Still, when in Rome….

DC Solicitations For January 2005

Batman: That’s a scary cover. Good. Batman needs to beat up on a grinning death’s-head instead of a crazed surgeon or armies of nameless gangbangers. I don’t hate Winick either. Although his Green Lantern and Green Arrow both turned out average (I only read his first arc of GA), his Scarecrow/Penguin arc was decent, and the Bat-books could use a heavy dose of superheroics after all the “gritty reality” of the past few months. Same goes for Detective — good to see Robin and Batman back together. (Although Robin’s moving to Bludhaven? Merde!) I care very little for Hush and Poison Ivy, so once again Gotham Knights falls victim to the soft bigotry of low expectations. I’m torn about the Riddler story in Legends, because I like the Riddler, but I couldn’t stand those weird backups in the past few Detectives. Nightwing I’ll buy because it tells the flashback story of Dick’s last case as Robin (should my Titans essays work up to “The Judas Contract” in time for this, folks?), but I have long been disenchanted with Chuck Dixon. Good thing I’m enchanted with Gotham Central.

Superman: There are reasons for me to get each of the main Superman books — I’m still moderately intrigued about the Azzarello/Lee stuff in Superman; I like Rucka on Adventures; and I like the art in Action. However, the blurb for Superman/Batman #17 —

What happened to Bruce Wayne? And how do Ra’s Ah [sic] Ghul, Sgt. Rock & Easy Company, and The Haunted Tank all fit into this?

— almost makes me think I stumbled into some misbegotten solicit for one of John Byrne’s Generations books.

I’ll wait for the trade of Superman: Strength, purely as an economic decision; just like waiting for the Secret Identity trade.

Regular DC Universe

Adam Strange: How big of a nostalgic fanboy must I be to have sentimental feelings about L.E.G.I.O.N.?

Bizarro World: Oh yeah. The first volume was one of the funniest things I’d ever read (along with World’s Funnest).

Birds Of Prey: Hey, this is out from under the Bat-mantle! How’d that happen? Not sure if I’ll be getting this one by January — it could be another “paperback” situation.

Firestorm: Ooh, Lorraine Reilly (take that, Superman alliteration freaks!) and Killer Frost! Speaking of nostalgia, you dedicated readers have no idea how close you were (and may still be) to an issue-by-issue recap of The Fury Of Firestorm….

Flash: Peter Snejbjerg illustrates the secret origin of Heat Wave as Geoff Johns continues to “grittify” a bunch of guys who were once famous for all having the same tailor. Hooray.

Green Lantern Rebirth: A cover I am not ashamed to love.

GL Archives: By the time they get to #9, I’ll have the entire Silver Age GL run. Then I can read them to my grandchildren, who will beg me instead for manga.

JLA Classified: Grant Morrison blah blah Grodd yadda yadda yadda Ultra-Marines. Oh, the Justice League’s in this too?

JLA: The Crime Syndicate (which really should have a Bill & Ted heavy-metal-type spelling, like “Kryyme Syndikaat”) impersonates the League? It’s a plot worthy of Gardner Fox himself!

JSA: Because I have never worn high heels, I wonder: would these help or hinder one’s crimefighting?

Wonder Woman: Same question.


Majestic: So, let me get this straight. The WildStorm universe is just like ours, except it has slightly different heroes? And Majestic, who’s from the WSU, can cross over to the DCU, and vice versa with Superman? (Kind of like Superman did with Icon and the Milestone heroes?) Didn’t DC say it was out of the parallel-universe business oh, about 20 years ago?

Planetary: Occasionally I think about waiting for the paperbacks on this one, and then I remember that thing about having to read them to my grandchildren.

DC Direct: At least he’s not wearing those stupid elf booties.

Some coming attractions for this humble site: First, sorry I seem to have gotten out of the habit of blogging each week’s comics. Based on past history, an omnibus “War Games” post seems likely at the end of the month. I’m working on another New Teen Titans essay, and there’s definitely one more (the Brotherhood of Evil arc) after that. You won’t get rid of those so easily, as I would like to go all the way through the Wolfman Era, which ends in 1996. I do intend to finish the Supreme Power issues (#5-12 are left), although I won’t be picking up the series anymore. I also want to do more with the ’50s Dynamic Duo in which you-all seemed so interested.

By the way, went to Keeneland on Saturday for my 10-year law school reunion. Two horses in the 5th race caught my attention: #3 “Mr. Spock,” and #10 “Quidditch Player.” I bet on both to win, of course, but Quidditch Player came in third and Mr. Spock didn’t finish in the money. Those were my only novelty bets for the day, and the other educated guesses did about as well as I expected. Yes, gambling on horse racing is evil, but since I neither smoke nor drink, it’s my only contribution to one of the Commonwealth’s signature industries.

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