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October 28, 2004

An Effective Beginning For Rebirth

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Walked into the ol’ comics shop this afternoon and asked, “Did you sell out of Green Lantern?”


“Did you save me one?”


As it turns out, one customer bought 20 (!) copies, one bought 10, and a few more bought 3-4 each. I thought that would happen around the country; but who knew there were that many Hal Jordan fans in Lexington?

The book itself was pretty good. Its main flaw is the tendency of each major character to speak in detailed paragraphs:

GUY: I don’t miss the Guardians and their stupid rules. I don’t miss always havin’ to prove I’m the best one out there. And I sure as hell don’t miss bein’ forced to live up to some higher code of universal ethics. [His “tattoos” appear.] My Vuldarian powers. Laced in my genetics. They’ve brought me back from the brink of death. Even during that interplanetary war crap. That and my good looks made me stand out on my own. They made me more than just another Green Lantern. I’m Guy Gardner, Warrior. Screw the Corps.

In fairness, that’s probably necessary thanks to all the baggage these characters have accumulated over the years. This issue works in Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Green Arrow (and the “Archer’s Quest” storyline), the Justice League, the Justice Society, Carol Ferris, Coast City, and a coffin with a familiar symbol.

Because this is a Geoff Johns script, I’m going to assume that all the references and homages I picked up were intentional, starting with the Abin Sur-like spaceship crash that begins the issue. Johns has definitely done his homework, mentioning Hal’s love of baseball and the evolution of John’s character. I thought Carol Ferris was still married, however.

The focus is on the Spectre, obviously. Strangers feel the need to confess their sins to him; and he visits some righteous ironic vengeance on old foe Black Hand. In that spirit (sorry), Guy suffers what you might call a “reversal” (again, sorry). There’s also a mysterious appearance in Southern California.

The art, by Ethan Van Sciver, is fantastic. I hadn’t thought I’d like it, but it reminds me of Brian Bolland — especially his Batman.

Look, I would have bought this book anyway. I’m still skeptical that Johns can pull off this particular rejuvenation. Nevertheless, this issue is a good start.

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