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January 27, 2005

Notes From Afield

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This post is brought to you through the good graces (and public-use computers) of the Newport News Public Library (serving all your library needs since … I don’t know). Big ups to the library for giving me a sweet, sweet blogging fix after what seems like an eternity away.

I have been able to do some surfing over my cell phone, but it has really screwed with my eyes. They still cross involuntarily.

During said surfing, I was able to look at the Ninth Art shipping list and send an e-mail to my local comics shop to reserve this week’s books. However, JLA Classified was on the Diamond list but not the Ninth Art list, so I might not have it reserved. Not a big deal, but just one more thing to think about. (There are quite a few shops here, but we have been more occupied with finding a house.)

P2 over at Hey Grownups — Comics! was nice enough to put me on his linking list (notice how I avoided the obvious “linkin’ log” pun?) so I shall do the same, once I get back to the home computer.

Finally, I know it’s a little late, but it was very sad to hear about the death of Johnny Carson. Johnny was one of my heroes growing up, because he always seemed to be just a regular guy who happened to interview famous people. As a kid, I’d have to stay up real late to see Tom Snyder (who was boring) or David Letterman, but more often than not I could catch at least Johnny’s monologue and maybe even a Mighty Carson Art Players or Carnac sketch. When my family got a VCR in the mid-’80s, I made a point to tape Letterman, but I didn’t forget about Johnny. He was a big influence on my attempts to be funny and cool, and since those appear to have borne at least some fruit, I’m in his debt. Rest in peace.

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