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April 18, 2005

Only Moments After Countdown

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[Updated Monday morning]

Newsarama has a preview of The OMAC Project #1, Greg Rucka’s miniseries spinning out of Countdown, and I have to say it looks good so far. The protagonists include Batman and his former bodyguard/love interest Sasha Bordeaux, so you have to think at some point she’ll end up on his side. As predictable as that sounds, I continue to have faith in Rucka’s ability to turn out a good spy thriller featuring superheroes. Since OMAC will also feature Wonder Woman, another character with whom Rucka has had success, my expectations are higher accordingly.

Nevertheless, at the risk of some creeping negativity — and really, where would my cred as a comics blogger be without negativity? — I feel compelled to note that Brother Eye and the OMAC trappings have been taken from a 1970s Jack Kirby creation and turned into sinister agents of a Shadowy Government Organization. The cynic in me wants to note that this is yet another grim subversion of something once meant as good and pure, but honestly I don’t have quite so much emotional investment in OMAC.

Anyway, check out the preview, and if you like it be sure to tell your local comics merchant, because apparently it’s already due for a second printing.

P.S. Also, be sure to watch The Great Curve for a couple of new essays — that Seagle/Superman one I talked about last week, and a follow-up to my Hal Jordan/Donna Troy/Jason Todd rant.

P.P.S. Comic Book Resources has a couple more preview pages and a nice interview with Rucka which also speaks to the health of Gotham Central.

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