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October 1, 2005

I’ve got the end-of-quarter blues

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Be warned — I am very close to turning this post into a Larry King-like stream-of-consciousness string of non sequiturs. Must — stay — focused!!!

At first I was going to list all the things I’d like to see out of the revitalized, post-Infinite Crisis DC, but that started to sound an awful lot like a wholesale regression to around 1991, as told by someone who’s seen his parents fight once too many and just wants everyone to get along.

Then I was going to explain how the little weekly new-comics roundups aren’t reviews, because I tend to gloss over a lot of the critical thoughts, and plus I just buy what I like and like what I buy. That ended up being an admission that I may well get burned out on new comics completely and devote the site to Teen Titans recaps.

In turn, that sparked a few sentences about peer pressure (real or not) from the rest of the blogosphere to start reading comics about normal people doing normal things, or at least to start reading more manga. I like to think my response wasn’t too defensive, because after all I am fairly open-minded, but various factors (including a genuine affection for the genre) keep me in some familiar habits, so as much as I’d like to branch out, it won’t be anytime soon.

Oh, the heck with it:

1. The new Justice League should include Aquaman, the Atom, Batman, Big Barda, Black Canary, Fire, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (either Hal or John), Huntress, Mr. Miracle, Superman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Zauriel.

2. Superman should be happy. A tormented Supes is like a tormented Santa — and here I’m talking about the real Santa, not just his David Sedaris-like or Billy Bob Thornton-esque helpers, entertaining as they may be.

3. Batman and Robin should work together a lot more. I know I keep harping on this, but I think it’s necessary for a more well-adjusted Batman. For purposes of this argument, Nightwing counts as a Robin, and Red Hood does not. Dick and Tim working together also doesn’t count, unless Dick is in the Batman suit. (Jeez, that whole paragraph sounds sick!)

4. Darwyn Cooke should write and draw The Flash.

5. George Perez should draw JLA, and either Kurt Busiek or Mark Waid should be coaxed back to write it.

6. Also, the League should go back to a satellite headquarters.

7. Failing either of the previous two, I would accept the rumor that Waid and Perez will handle the new Brave and the Bold team-up series.

8. Put Captain Marvel and his whole entourage in some idyllic corner of the DC cosmos where no deconstructionist notions can penetrate and Billy Batson never has to age. Cap works as a contrast to the rest of DC, not necessarily as a functioning part of it.

9. Put Peter David back on Supergirl, and give her a healthier body image.

10. Updating one of the Silver Age “we don’t have superpowers but we’re real smart” teams might be good. How about another crack at the Blackhawks?

Next time, content that’s more well-thought-out. I promise.

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