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October 18, 2005

Rampages will live! Rampages will die! And the comics blogosphere will never be the same!

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With the closing of Graeme’s Fanboy Rampage! after only two short years, comics’ little corner of the Internet is poorer tonight. In its way, it was as essential to the comics blogosphere as “The Daily Show” is to TV news. It poked fun at the self-important and self-serving, but at its core was a real love of comics. Although Graeme and his army of commentators (including such pros as Gail Simone, Darwyn Cooke, Neil Kleid, and Kurt Busiek) never suffered fools, neither did they put on airs; and for that Fanboy Rampage! was special.

Clearly a lot of work went into putting the site together, day in and day out, so I can understand why Graeme wants to take some time off. However, I hope that’s all it is. There will always be a place where no Newsarama or Wizard item is safe … where no message-board inanity goes unmocked … where no press release escapes unparsed … in short, there will always be a place for the Rampage!

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