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February 15, 2006

My Top Five Comics Couples

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I’ve been lucky enough to spend the past six Valentine’s Days with the Best Wife Ever, but for this list I’m casting my mind back to the bitter days of singlehood, when these comics couples helped sustain my lonely heart.

(Actually, I was never particularly bitter on Valentine’s Day — more grateful that I didn’t have that particular stressor. Not that it’s stressful now. In fact, I daresay that when you are planning for the love of your life, it’s not stressful at all. The only stress comes when you’re in the early days of dating and you’re not sure how it’ll come across. Anyway….)


5. Dick Grayson and Koriand’r: In the mid-’80s, after George Perez left the book, one of the big subplots involved Starfire going back to Tamaran for an arranged marriage, and Dick freaking out as a result. While I wasn’t that emotionally invested in them, as soap opera they were tremendously entertaining.

4. Donna Troy and Terry Long: Sure Terry is Marv Wolfman’s surrogate, but for a while there every real-world wedding I attended was compared to theirs. I lobbied hard for “Annie’s Song” at my own wedding, but the Best Wife Ever hates John Denver and that was shot down faster than a Dick Cheney hunting buddy.

3. Brenda and Eddie Valentine: As a huge Billy Joel fan, how could I not love their comic-book counterparts?

2. Ralph and Sue Dibny: Of all the couples who adventure together, these two were the most fun. Keep your Hawks, your Stranges, your Green Arrow and Black Canary, your Allens, even your Kents — with the Dibnys, it was even money as to who was the smarter half of the couple. Honorable mention goes to Gabe Webb and Jennifer Mays from The Maze Agency, but neither of them could stretch.

1. Bruce Wayne and Silver St. Cloud: Silver’s probably the most popular Bat-character who was hardly even touched after their creative team left. To me that says Englehart, Simonson, and Rogers got it right the first time, and honored it well enough with Dark Detective.

If you’re single and/or bitter this Valentine’s Day, I’ve been there. It gets better, and if you don’t mind being bitter, that’s OK too.

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