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June 13, 2006


Filed under: superman — Tom Bondurant @ 2:50 am
Well, I would have done a new-comics roundup tonight, but I stayed late at work and then had to watch the A&E Superman documentary. Overall it was worth it, but it did spend just a smidge more time than it needed to on how the ’60s were a time of national upheaval. Wouldn’t people watching A&E know that already? (Or did A&E assume that Superman fans wouldn’t have known that?)

Congratulations to Ms. Gail Simone, who (I believe) made not only her comic-book documentary debut with this special, but also the first appearance of a female comic-book writer in one of these things, period. Other comics pros included Mark Waid, Paul Levitz, Stan Lee, Dan DiDio, Denny O’Neil, Art Thibert, Gerard Jones, and Elliot S! Maggin (who revealed that he and Cary Bates spent a couple of afternoons smoking cigars with Mario Puzo when the latter was researching the Superman screenplay). Pretty comprehensive, although the only pro involved in what felt like the last half-hour was Dan DiDio. Also, why not interview Kurt Busiek and/or Geoff Johns, who actually write the things today?

Anyway, off to sleep now. Last week’s comics tomorrow, I hope.

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