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December 7, 2006

Jeez! Suckered Again?

Filed under: justice society — Tom Bondurant @ 3:04 pm
Just when I think I’m done with Geoff Johns’ Justice Society, I read his Newsarama interview about the new group being more of a “society” than a group of butt-kickers like the Justice League, and it kind of dovetails with what I’d been thinking the JSA should be, so I pick up the new Justice Society of America #1, and it looks like I might be in this for six issues or so.

See, the problem is not that I have a great affinity for Johns’ take on the JSA. I’m not that curious about the new members or the big plot twist at the end. However, I have this first issue, and if DC’s publishing schedule holds up, I’ll get issues 5-6 as part of the JLA crossover. Therefore, why not get issues 2-4 to see how the first arc goes?

Clever, DC. We’ll see if I can resist #2.

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