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September 2, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

Filed under: fantastic four, sunday soliloquy — Tom Bondurant @ 12:01 pm
It’s not entirely a soliloquy, because a couple of other characters have lines, but this week I just couldn’t resist. SPOILERS for Fantastic Four #549 after the jump.

Sue unloads on the Wizard, and it’s just too much:

As extra-fine as the script and pencils are, I think the inks really make these pages. They give Sue that extra air of menace which really sells her speech.

[From “Reconstruction: Chapter Six — So I Guess You’re Saying The Honeymoon’s Over,” Fantastic Four #549, October 2007. Written by Dwayne McDuffie, pencilled by Paul Pelletier, inked by Rick Magyar.]

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