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September 15, 2007

Judging Library Additions

Filed under: justice league, meta, questions — Tom Bondurant @ 9:25 pm
Help me decide who should go on the JLA bookshelf next:

I’m holding out for the upcoming Mattel Aquaman (classic orange outfit), and I’ll probably get a Martian Manhunter at some point. I’d also like to replace Batman and Superman with figures who are more in scale with the rest.

Still, I probably won’t add much more than that. There’s just not that much more room on the shelf! I have an idea of who’ll make the cut, but thought I’d throw it out to the select few who visit here.

So here goes: which single DC Direct/Mattel figure, from either the Satellite League or the Morrison League (reflecting the majority of books on the shelf), would you add? By my reckoning, your choices include

— The Atom (Ray Palmer)
— The Elongated Man
— Firestorm (Ron Raymond/Martin Stein)
— Green Lantern (John Stewart)
— Hawkman & Hawkgirl (set)
— Zatanna (fishnets, unfortunately)
— Big Barda (in a set with Mr. Miracle & Oberon)
— Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
— Huntress (Helena Bertinelli; in a “Birds Of Prey” set with BC and Oracle)
— Orion (upcoming)
— Plastic Man
— Steel (John Henry Irons)

I don’t think I left anyone out. There is a Zauriel figure, but it’s from the Hasbro “Total Justice” line and not in scale with these. The Zatanna figure in her period-appropriate blue-and-white superhero outfit is from the Identity Crisis line, so all her proportions are off. I’d have preferred that costume, because it reflects her time in the Satellite League, but I’ll settle for the fishnets. I’ve seen John Stewart figures in classic and current costumes, and would use either one.

So, whaddaya think?

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