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October 12, 2007

Friday Night Fights

Filed under: friday night fights, justice league, justice society, meme — Tom Bondurant @ 11:12 pm
Having been double-crossed by their Earth-2 (former) teammates, the Earth-1 contingent of the Secret Society of Super-Villains has a plan: free the Justice Leaguers and Justice Socialites they’ve imprisoned in Limbo. Shattering one of the spinning cells will do it, so the Secret Socialites sic the near-feral Cheetah on Wonder Woman’s tube.

Now, that’s not the Friday Night Fight. In fact, Bahlactus’ theme for this go-round is “Sucka-Punch,” and this turns into more of a melee.

Actually, it turns into more of a rout for the Secret Socialites, who I guess were suckas after all!

[From “Crisis In Limbo,” Justice League of America #197, December 1981. Written by Gerry Conway, pencilled by Keith Pollard and George Perez, inked by Romeo Tanghal.]

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