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October 19, 2007

Friday Night Fights

Filed under: friday night fights, meme, power girl, wonder woman — Tom Bondurant @ 11:42 pm
A somewhat spoilery scene from this week’s The Brave and the Bold #7:

Power Girl’s been possessed by Doctor Alchemy, and s/he’s turned the Fortress of Solitude into Red Kryptonite, crippling Superman. What’s more, she doesn’t think there’s any way Wonder Woman can sneak up on her — that is, until something crashes through the wall….

The Invisible Plane gives Diana the perfect setup for a SUCKA PUNCH!

… (ahem) that is, as I understand the term.

Close enough, Bahlactus?

[From “Scalpels and Chainsaws,” The Brave and the Bold vol. 3 #7, December 2007. Written by Mark Waid, pencilled by George Perez, inked by Bob Wiacek, colored by Tom Smith, lettered by Rob Leigh.]

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