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October 21, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

Filed under: avengers, sunday soliloquy, superman — Tom Bondurant @ 7:57 pm
You may think it’s cheating to feature a possessed Scarlet Witch as this week’s Halloween-themed soliloquy. After all, the Spectre’s pretty much a ghost, but I’d feel bad about using him. In my defense, though, it’s not Wanda speaking, it’s Chthon:

Chthon goes on for the better part of three flashback-filled pages about being an earth-spirit who’s ended up bound to Wundagore Mountain. Along the way she ties in her story with the High Evolutionary, Morgan le Fay, and Wanda herself. That brings us to the bottom of page 22:

I think it still works as a soliloquy, even without all the exposition, but I can tell you’re skeptical….

Oh, okay, fine; here’s a page worth of Bizarro feeling inferior to Frankenstein:

[Avengers scans from “The Call Of The Mountain Thing!” in The Avengers vol. 1 #187, September 1979. Plot by Mark Gruenwald and Steven Grant, written by David Michelinie, pencilled by John Byrne, inked by Dan Green, colored by George Roussos, lettered by Jim Novak.]

[Bizarro scan from “Bizarro Meets Frankenstein!” in Superman #143, February 1961; reprinted in black-and-white in Superman From The Thirties To The Seventies. Written by Otto Binder, pencilled by Wayne Boring, inked by Stan Kaye.]

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