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March 25, 2008

Questions And Comments After Reading Essential Cap Vol. 4

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I bought the first Essential Captain America volume for the Jack Kirby and Jim Steranko art, not really expecting to continue with the series much farther than that. Wrong again, of course — I finished Volume 4 over the weekend, and am on the lookout for the next one.

Actually, thanks to the paperbacks of the second Kirby run, I just need to read issues 187-92 to bridge the gap. So that’s the first question: anything noteworthy happen in those six issues? Kirby seemed to start fresh, which tells me there was probably some editorially-dictated wrapping-up during that time.

The second thing I wanted to bring up is more of an observation. Much of Englehart’s run seemed pretty familiar: the Red Skull brainwashing one of Cap’s allies, the Skull working to subvert the American economy, and “new” Captain(s) America. I think Brubaker has done a great job on the title from his first issue, but I can’t help but wonder how longtime readers compare his stuff to Englehart’s.

Finally, one of the noteworthy parts of Englehart’s Green Lantern tenure was his “secret history of Star Sapphire” issue. Englehart pulled together plot elements from various Sapphire stories to link her with a new villain, and reading Cap #186, it seemed like he had already done something very similar for the Falcon.

Now, I know that Englehart isn’t credited with the script for #186 (although “John Warner” may be one of his pseudonyms, for all I know), but he is credited with the plot, so I’m willing to make the connection between CA #186 and GL #192.

Speaking of Green Lantern, I wonder to what extent the socially-aware bent of Captain America was influenced by the O’Neil/Adams issues of GL. GL was a lot more direct about its messages, but CA might not have been as particularly concerned with changing the world.

So, any thoughts, Cap fans?

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