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May 23, 2008

Friday Night Fights

Filed under: batman, friday night fights, meme — Tom Bondurant @ 9:32 pm
It’s easy to do a Batman sequence for Friday Night Fights . It’s not much harder to pick out one in black-and-white, as per Bahlactus‘ instructions for this round.

Therefore, I like these particular pages because they demonstrate the tone of the Batman books in the early ’70s. Basically, Alfred’s niece — not, we rush to point out, Alicia Silverstone — has somehow found herself in the old “governess in the haunted mansion” circumstance. After reading her latest letter, Uncle Alfred suggests that maybe his employer might want to check things out.

So here’s Batman, calmly walking through the woods in full costume, trolling for information …

… but really, why wouldn’t a couple of thugs want to beat up a loon in a bat costume? Clearly Batman knows this, and is just looking for any excuse to cause trouble. The results are predictable:

Two guards, each carrying a farm implement — yeah, a page is about right.

[From “The Demon Of Gothos Mansion!” in Batman #227, December 1970. Written by Denny O’Neil, pencilled by Irv Novick, inked by Dick Giordano, lettered by Ben Oda. Reprinted in Batman From The ’30s To The ’70s (1971).

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