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February 17, 2009

Numbers are fun!

Filed under: fantastic four — Tom Bondurant @ 7:07 pm
I notice that May’s issue of Fantastic Four will be number 567.

Get it? “4 5 6 7?” Huh? Huh?

Okay, it’s not a big deal, but as long as people mention things like 8/8/08, I figure somebody finds it at least a little intriguing.

Too bad the Calculator is a DC villain….

"Aieee! El Hombre Murcielago!"

Filed under: batman — Tom Bondurant @ 2:34 am
Glad to hear that Mark Waid is writing a Batman story set in Barcelona, not just for the potential “Fawlty Towers” jokes, but because I always liked the globetrotting Batman. Batman has always gotten around, of course; but Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams seemed especially fond of sending the Darknight Detective all over the world. Indeed, their first Batman collaboration, “The Secret Of The Waiting Graves” from Detective Comics #395 (January 1970), took Batman to Mexico.

Batman went to Spain for October 1970’s Enemy Ace homage, “Ghost Of The Killer Skies” from ‘Tec #404. The only appropriate line of Spanish dialogue I know is the title of this post, which comes from that story.

In the Newsarama story, Waid observes that

Batman’s big Achilles heel — Batman’s big problem — is he’s used to working in Gotham where people know who he is to some degree. Or at least the police. He works at least in some concert with the police. When he goes to Barcelona, they treat him the same way they treat Killer Croc. He’s a winged freak prowling the streets.

To a certain extent, this was true in the O’Neil/Adams stories: whenever Batman left Gotham, nobody seemed to know exactly how to deal with him, and more often than not, the locals would simply freak the heck out (e.g., “Aieee!”). Therefore, not that I want to see the rest of the world portrayed as provincial and timid, but I hope Waid and artist Diego Olmos are able to do that kind of “outside” perspective convincingly.

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