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July 14, 2014

It’s been ten years, so I’m just saying hi

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With the launch of Comics Ate My Brain on July 14, 2004, I became an official comics blogger. Back then I started out talking about the various Robins, and this past Thursday at Robot 6, I did it some more.

Obviously I haven’t done much with this site in a while, and I regret that. I do feel like I get a sufficient writing outlet over at Robot 6. It gives me a weekly DC soapbox, and if I really want to write about something else, often I can do it through Best of 7 or another group-post forum.

Comics Ate My Brain came out of my time posting on the TrekBBS boards, and specifically the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section. I reviewed each issue of “Hush” as it came out, and together with another poster who was a Marvel fan (his handle was The Old Mixer) I tried to spot all the references in JLA/Avengers. Actually, I got on TrekBBS initially on December 6, 2001, which was the 10th anniversary of Star Trek VI, and I wanted to celebrate that particular milestone.

Before that I had been writing fannish analyses mostly to get my own thoughts in writing. It was probably close to twenty years ago that I started what came to be called “The Manifesto,” but which was actually titled “Speculation On Star Wars Episodes I-III: What Did Obi-Wan Know And When Did He Know It?” It was full of all sorts of theories, and it expanded on the notion that Luke was really Obi-Wan and Bail Organa’s backup plan (because Leia was really sent to Tatooine to pick up Obi-Wan so he could train her too, duh). I revised it a couple of times to reflect the plots of Episodes I and II, and while I like the prequels fine, I’m still pretty enamored of a couple of ideas — Aunt Beru starting out as one of Padmé’s handmaidens; and Sidious engineering an ecological disaster on Naboo that would have driven Padmé into exile on Alderaan. Many’s the time I’ve wanted to use this space for Trek or SW essays, but I always wanted to talk about comics first, what with the title and all.

Anyway, the comics were a little different ten years ago. Here’s the July 2004 “Time Machine” page from Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics. Overall it’s fairly typical of DC in the mid-00s — Gail Simone writing Birds of Prey (and also guest-writing a Legion arc); Greg Rucka writing Adventures of Superman and Wonder Woman; Aquaman in the “Sub Diego” period; Stephanie Brown as Robin; plus short-lived experiments like Bloodhound and Monolith; and revivals of Firestorm and Doom Patrol. The company was putting out tributes to the late Julius Schwartz, and Identity Crisis was on its second issue.

It was a different time as well for me as a comics fan. Later that month, I went to my third San Diego Comic-Con in five years (2000, ‘01, ‘04) but since then I’ve only been to one more SDCC (‘07) and a WonderCon (‘10).

I put a good bit of effort into this blog throughout the rest of ‘04, and it apparently paid off: I got recruited for The Great Curve group blog in ‘05 and stayed with it through the Blog@Newsarama days (2006-08), and then the move to CBR/Robot 6. I tried to do a podcast related to this site for a few weeks in ‘08, and every now and then I get social on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook; but generally I’ve only had time for Grumpy Old Fan.

Still, although there’s room for improvement in both the social and content areas of my fandom, I’m okay with how things have turned out. Maybe someday I will get back into the more individualized blogging this site allows. Until then, thanks to everyone who’s visited over the past ten years; and I’ll try not to go another ten without giving this space a little more love.



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