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December 3, 2007

Sunday Soliloquy

Filed under: cerebus, sunday soliloquy — Tom Bondurant @ 1:27 am
I have a good chunk of Cerebus phone books, but not all of ’em. Sometimes I don’t know which would be more rewarding — reading Cerebus from start to finish or trying to make sense out of The Silmarillion. Still, as far as I know, there are no superhero parodies in Tolkien.

Here’s the Moon Roach all dressed for the Sacred Wars in his “Black Spidey” costume:

I had forgotten about his henchmen, themselves parodies of the hillbillies from old Warner Bros. cartoons.

There was also a three-headed swamp monster (Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, and Alan Moore) and MIck Jagger and Keith Richards, but maybe another Sunday.

[From “Becoming Synonymous With Something Indescribable” in Cerebus #81, December 1985, which itself was a tiny little part of Church & State II. Written, drawn, and lettered by Dave Sim, with Gerhard on backgrounds.]

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