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June 30, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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Oh, I’ve got a good one for you tonight, folks!

A few years after he was introduced, and eventually deposed, the Batman creative teams brought back corrupt councilman Rupert Thorne. However, where the original story had Thorne’s downfall happen off-panel (while Batman was fighting the Joker and losing one of his great loves), the sequel features this face-to-face encounter.

In the original Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers story, Thorne snapped after thinking he was being haunted by the ghost of Professor Hugo Strange, who he’d had beaten to death. Here, Strange’s “hauntings” have been debunked (by no less than Dr. Terry Thirteen) — but Thorne must now face a revenant Batman, miraculously recovered from the sniper fire he took earlier in the issue.

Anyway, before Thorne can curl into a fetal position, he accidentally starts a fire, gets away from Batman, and ends up making a spectacle of himself to finish off his political career. Therefore, for five minutes’ worth of fill-in work, Dick should feel pretty good about himself–!

[From “Showdown,” in Batman #354, December 1982. Written by Gerry Conway, pencilled by Don Newton, inked by Alfredo Alcala, colored by Adrienne Roy, inked by Ben Oda.]

June 16, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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On Father’s Day, a posthumous present for Dr. Thomas Wayne:

(Batman doesn’t usually beat up aging gunmen, does he? “And here’s a little something for yer arthritis, grampa!” I guess he’s entitled in this case….)

Note that Batman says “his wife died from the shock.” In this version of the story, Martha Wayne had a weak heart. That still didn’t let Chill off the hook, though: an earlier caption says “that single bullet really killed two people…!”

Of course, Martha is killed outright in most other accounts, but that detail would’ve made this harder to use on, say, Mother’s Day.

[From “The Origin Of The Batman!” in Batman #47, June-July 1948. Written by Bill Finger, pencilled by Bob Kane, inked by Charles Paris, lettered by Ira Schnapp. Reprinted in The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told (1988), with color reconstruction by Adrienne Roy.]

June 1, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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Today, an experiment.

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself.

“But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: do I feel lucky?

“Well, do ya, punk?”

Let’s take that little monologue, stretch it out, and reword it for someone who doesn’t have the most powerful handgun in the world:

Now, if you’re Marvel Comics at the start of the 1980s, try to estimate how much money you’ll make from a lot more scenes like that.

[From “Wolverine: Alone!” in The Uncanny X-Men #143, May 1980. Co-plotted by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, script by Claremont, pencils by Byrne, inks by Terry Austin, colors by Glynis Wein, letters by Tom Orzechowski.]

May 19, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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Doom had a few good speeches in the classic “Trapped In Latveria” storyline, but this one stuck out. Not only does it have this great splash panel …

… it hints at another of his dark secrets —

— namely, that he had Earth-Marvel’s Stan Lee roughed up by Doombots for misspelling “soliloquy.”

[From “The Name Is Doom!” in Fantastic Four vol. 1 #84, March 1969. Written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, pencilled by Kirby, inked by Joe Sinnott, lettered by Sam Rosen. Color reconstruction by Tom Smith. Reprinted in Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four #9 (2005).]

May 11, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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It’s Mother’s Day — how about a little Celestial Madonna?

According to reliable sources, after leaving the Avengers, Mantis next “appeared” during Steve Englehart’s Justice League run (in an issue which was one of Young Tom’s favorites) and went on to have her baby in Englehart’s Scorpio Rose.

However, we like to think that her particular phraseology inspired a certain Paul McCartney song….

[From “The Reality Problem!” in The Avengers vol. 1 #130, December 1974. Written by Steve Englehart, pencilled by Sal Buscema, inked by Joe Staton, colored by Bill Mantlo, lettered by Joe Rosen.]

April 27, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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I didn’t know Zak Kebron had become Excalibur‘s Counselor (as well as security chief), but that probably made this scene funnier:

[From “Turnaround, Part II,” in Star Trek: New Frontier #2, April 2008. Written by Peter David, drawn by Stephen Thompson, colored by Leonard O’Grady, lettered by Neil Uyetake.]

April 14, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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In honor of finishing up our taxes, I was going to look for some speech from one of the “Wally West, IRS Agent” issues of Bill Messner-Loebs’ Flash … but a) I’m not sure there is such a thing; and b) I still haven’t gotten the long boxes in a searchable state.

Accordingly, here’s Zibarro, emoting:

The smartest man on a planet of idiots — we’ve all been there, am I right?

[From “Us Do Opposite,” in All Star Superman #8, August 2007. Written by Grant Morrison, pencilled by Frank Quitely, digitally inked and colored by Jamie Grant, lettered by Phil Balsman.]

April 6, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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We all know about the original Hourman — take a Miraclo pill and get an hour’s worth of super-powers. What happens, though, when it turns out to be a false alarm?

The solution involves some odd jobs, pickup basketball, and (thank goodness!) a burning building — but that’s not a soliloquy, so maybe some other time.

[From “An Hour With Hourman,” in Solo #7, December 2005. Written by Mike Allred and Laura Allred, drawn by Mr. Allred, colored by Ms. Allred, lettered by Nate Piekos.]

March 30, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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This week’s soliloquy is a preview of the next Titans recap — but really, how could I have gone so long without featuring this guy…?

I get the feeling that Chris Claremont read this and muttered, “Eeesh, too much.” In other words:

[From “The Origin Of Lilith!” in The New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #7. Written by Marv Wolfman, pencilled by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, inked by Romeo Tanghal, lettered by Phil Felix, colored by Adrienne Roy.]

March 10, 2008

Sunday Soliloquy

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Vic just wants to unburden himself to his friends, so why does Dan Jurgens have him directing traffic?

ACTING!, I guess….

[From The New Teen Titans vol. 2 #6, March 1985. Plot by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, script by Wolfman, layouts by Jurgens, finishes by Romeo Tanghal, letters by John Costanza, colors by Adrienne Roy.]

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