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January 21, 2008

Quien es mas Klingon?

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The mega-Trek-watching project continues. Yesterday included “Disaster,” which features the birth of Keiko O’Brien’s daughter as assisted by Worf. It’s a broad scene, and perhaps not the most imaginative, but it’s played well. It probably helped establish the “Worf uncomfortable = funny” theory.

However, yesterday it just confirmed my own theory that Worf, son of Mogh = Dwight K. Schrute. Let’s compare and contrast.

1. Upbringing

Worf: Parents killed by Romulans. Separated from brother at early age. Raised on Earth by humans.
Dwight: Raised by humans on Earth, but that doesn’t really do it justice.
Advantage: Dwight

2. Security Credentials

Worf: Security chief of USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Strategic Operations Officer aboard Deep Space Nine. Proficient in Mok’bara and skilled with the bat’leth and mek’leth weapons.
Dwight: Former volunteer sheriff’s deputy. Security corporal, Dunder-Mifflin Scranton (honorary title). Purple belt in Goju-Ryu karate. Proficient, I suppose, with nunchuks and pepper spray.
Advantage: Worf

3. Honors

Worf: Won 2368 Forcas III Bat’leth tournament.
Dwight: Awarded Dunder-Mifflin Salesman of the Month 13 times in 12 months.
Advantage: Push

4. Secret Lovers

Worf: K’Ehleyr — murdered shortly after introducing him to their son.
Dwight: Angela — clandestine romance almost completely hidden from co-workers; ended when he killed Angela’s cat.
Advantage: Dwight

5. Disgraces and Separations

Worf: Endured discommendation from Klingon Empire for almost two years. Quit Starfleet to fight in Klingon Civil War.
Dwight: Family shunned him for two years (ages 4-6) for forgetting to save excess tuna oil. Quit Dunder-Mifflin to protect Angela.
Advantage: Dwight

6. Feelings Towards Cats

Worf: Disliked Spot. Later became Spot’s caretaker.
Dwight: Euthanized Sprinkles.
Advantage: Worf

7. Wore Red Uniform As …

Worf: Lieutenant J.G. aboard Enterprise; Lt. Commander aboard Deep Space Nine.
Dwight: Staples clerk.
Advantage: Worf

8. Pass On What You Have Learned
Worf: Performed R’uustai ceremony with young Jeremy Aster, initiating him into the House of Mogh. Raised son Alexander for a few years aboard the Enterprise.
Dwight: Secretly made Pam Assistant to the Regional Manager.
Advantage: Push

9. Historical Confusions
Worf: Struggled with true identity of Kahless “impersonator.”
Dwight: Struggled with true identity of Ben Franklin “impersonator.”
Advantage: Dwight

10. Enemies
Worf: Romulans, Q, Borg
Dwight: Andy, Jim
Advantage: Worf

There’s more, I’m sure; but I’m not through all of TNG yet, let alone DS9.

Ironically, Star Trek seems to be pretty low on the totem pole of Dwight’s nerdy pursuits….

[EDIT: Corrected “advantages” for #s 5 and 6.]

Sunday Soliloquy

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It’s not really a soliloquy, but I couldn’t resist posting this page of Lex Luthor delivering exposition in flashback, while at the same time narrating the flashback.

That’s some weird nested recursive monologuing, is what that is.

[From “The Man Who Murdered The Earth!” in Superman vol. 1 #248, February 1972. Written by Len Wein, pencilled by Curt Swan, inked by Murphy Anderson, lettered by Ben Oda. Reprinted in Superman in the Seventies.]

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